Refund Policy

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy and Information

Any registration cancelled within 24 hours of the initial registration deadline will be refunded in full. For Nebosh courses, this is usually three (3) weeks before the course start dates. 

Any cancellation or reschedule made after this 24-hour grace period will be billed a 10% administrative fee unless it is within the following time periods:

A. Cancellations or reschedules received within 3 business days and not less than 24hours left before the class start date (weekends are not included) will be charged a 20% cancellation fee.

B. Cancellation within 24 hours of the start time will be charged a 30% administrative fee.

C. No refunds will be available once the course begins, except in emergencies (proof of emergency will be required).

D. Registration fees paid to course accreditation organizations e.g. NEBOSH, are subject to those organizations rules and refund policies, if the student cancels and are not refundable. 

E. All open enrollment training courses are held based on enrollment. Although OSHE Consultants will do its best to hold all scheduled training courses, no warranty or guarantee of any kind is made regarding holding any training course. If a class is cancelled by us, students will be given the option of receiving a full refund or transferring to the next available date at no charge. This includes any registration fees to external organizations.

OSHE Consultants liability is limited to the amount of the registration fee ONLY. OSHE Consultants will make every reasonable effort to contact participants based on the registration information provided, if a course or class has to be cancelled. In addition we can be contacted  at (1) 868 682 4603 or (1) 917 324 0746 to confirm a class has sufficient enrollment.

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