About Us

About Us

Mission StatementOSHE exists as the vital link between employers, employees, the public, all public agencies and their emergency responders to ensure safety & security. We are committed to serving as that critical link with the highest standards of integrity, quality, and to sustain an efficient, effective, and courteous manner to acquire and disseminate information needed to protect life, property, and the environment.

1.OSHE Consultants Corp. is an international Training and Consulting entity consisting of a body of professionals with lengthy experience in industry. It was set up to provide much needed Occupational, Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (OSHE) services to organizations including the Military and individuals with the background to function in a variety of capacities which facilitates a safe work place. We offer all types of OSHA train the trainer and 10 & 30 hours courses. With the increased industrialization of the global marketplace and the growing awareness of OSHE, new safety, security & health regulations, etc., the need is more apparent for this training and consulting. We see ourselves as playing a major role in this effort. Our training can be custom tailored to meet the specific requirements of any organization.

2.OSHE has a wide range of expertise that can assist employers to improve productivity through its numerous safety & security programs.

3. Organizations will benefit by understanding compliance requirements and by creating a more productive and injury free workforce. At OSHE we believe that “safety is free” and that employers reap greater rewards by empowering their workers to be proactive on safety initiatives.

4. Accidents are a major reason for lost productivity, increased lead times, and increased turnover. OSHE Consultants can reverse this dangerous trend.

5. OSHE Comsultants is an independently accredited provider # 783 of the NEBOSH International Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety, NEBOSH International Diploma, NEBOSH International General and Construction Certificates and is based and registered in the USA, Jamaica  and Trinidad & Tobago.

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